Welcome to Techno Cosplay Circle’s website.

We are the team of maker interested in media art and technology.
We have invented and made Digital Signage Dress, “Color Girl”, with 6768 pieces of full color LED and FPGA.

An our member, Moca WHITE, wears “Color Girl” and performs as Japanese idol.
In Maker Faire Singapore 2017 we won the MAKER of MERIT, Blue-Ribbon prize, as a member of Nico-Tech group.

Our product can play any videos on the surface of costume at 30fps (any videos can be encoded to this system).This is achieved by original image processing board, original video codec, and original switchboard.

If you need more information, business talk, non-commercial talk or have any, please feel free to contact us!

Activity at Maker Faire Singapore(MFSG) 2017

System Constitution

Inside of costume ( the most part is in the skirt )
[1] a switchboard with safety system. [2] two lipo batteries. [3] the main board for image processing and other control function with a FPGA. [4] twelve LED controller boards with FPGA. [5] Mechanical safety (quick release buckle).

Surface of costume
[6] eleven LED panels (each panel has 564 pieces of LED) on the skirt. [7] a set of LED tapes (twelve LED tapes)on the upper body.

Custom made clothes and framework
[7] easy dressing and undressing design. [8] optimal weight distribution design. [9] the skirt is made by flame retardance material.

System Diagrams

Example of commercial use

In 2016 autumn, Panasonic corporation used our dress for its exhibition at CEATEC 2016 in Japan. Please click here to more information.

Demo Movie

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